Life is hard with kids. I can help make it easier.

Penny is wise, compassionate, and encouraging. She knows just how to blend her own real-life experience with an understanding of each family’s unique needs. If you need a guide to help you navigate some of the tougher challenges of being a parent, I can recommend Penny with confidence.

Burnaby, BC, Parent Consultant

Penny and I met working together at the same school. Everyday, I saw Penny practice what she was preaching, while dealing with the kids we worked with, and I was seeing results! I too began to implement some of these collaborative methods at home and slowly we began seeing results! Penny has never made me feel like I was doing it all wrong. She was encouraging in her approach and open to family situations before jumping to conclusions.

I now consider Penny my go-to when faced with difficult family situations, but with her help, those situations have diminished or have become more manageable.


Ottawa, ON, Parent/Teacher

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